Monday, March 26, 2012

The Problem with Maintenance Men

The maintenance man never comes calling when you expect it.
We have had no cold water (weird) in our kitchen since Friday afternoon. They shut off all the water to work on the apartment below us, so for a while we had no water at all (with no notice, either. Bonus!). But eventually, they turned it back on. Except the cold water for us.
You'd think that having hot water in the kitchen is great, but when it's JUST hot water? It's useless! I've burned my hands trying to wash them after handling bacon. Who wants to choose between burned hands and Salmonella?
So, anyway, I'm waiting on the maintenance man to come turn it on. He came to "look" at it Saturday morning and did nothing, claiming there was "some kind of mineral build up" in the pipes. I was (sadly) still in a Tylenol PM induced sleep that I had taken at 2 in the morning, so I was not available to ask the important questions like, what's this mineral build up crap? Why don't you just turn the water back on?!? He also didn't try to fix it when he was actually here, but said he'd come back Monday.
Well, it's Monday. And darned if he isn't here yet.
Inevitably, as it is with all maintenance situations, he will not come until I am absolutely unprepared to see him. You think, oh, I'm just gonna take my bra off for 30 seconds to stick it in the wash and get another one, or, I just have to use the bathroom here for 5 minutes. Or, let me finish this sappy and ridiculously emotional chick flick. In these moments, it is almost sure that what comes next is, "Knock knock knock... Maintenance!" Then begins the mad scramble for composure and the frantic cry of, "UHHHH, JUST A MINUTE!!!!!"
Friend L shares this fate with me. She once shared that her maintenance man came at the precise moment when her 2 year old had dropped the biggest diaper bomb in the history of diaper bombs. Surprise! The last time our maintenance man came, I had been doing laundry and had all my bras and panties hanging to dry. Wonderful! I was of course thinking, he couldn't POSSIBLY have to come into THIS room for what we're calling him for! But, alas.
So, I'm fully dressed, have eaten my breakfast, tidied up, and am waiting to do my outings and errands til he arrives. But somehow I think he'll still manage to come at the least opportune moment.
When my entire work life revolves around scheduling to see people at a certain time for a certain time, I find this waiting around stuff pretty tedious. It is not my forte. But, what can you do? Hopefully later I'll be on the other side of the cold water situation. Maybe I'll even have a good story to add to my Maintenance Men File. Until then I remain faithfully yours,

with love,

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