Friday, February 24, 2012

In the Throws

There's nothing like new yarn to get you excited about a project! This very real statement is potentially dangerous as I already have quite a bit of yarn (see previous post). I did recently organize it all into one, large, under-the-bed type bin, and one bag for current projects and needles.
But the two skeins I just bought don't fit!!!
I've realized that in order to confront my yarn issue, I must confront my other issue. Throw blankets. Nothing uses up your yarn like making blankets. This is big, for me, because my last throw took me hmm, let's see... 4 years in the making? Mostly because I kept putting it off and putting it off. By the time I got down to it, it only took me a few months!
I've also realized that because most of my projects are for birthday presents (and therefore meant to be a surprise), I don't really share them here. I get all vague and non-commital and then usually forget to write about how awesome the gift was in the first place. Or, because I have no accountability, I wind up missing my deadline. Or giving up altogether. Not so great options, any. So, throwing caution (and the element of surprise) to the wind, I will henceforth be sharing my projects completely, even if they be gifts!
Starting with Ro's.
I feel like I have several years of making up to do for Ro, because she always wants something big and homemade from me, and I am very comfortable NOT doing big. I like the small projects I can do in a day. I get frustrated coming back to the same project too many times. Impatient, much? Anyhow, she's wanted throw pillow covers, which I have not delivered. She's wanted throw blankets, which I have not delivered. I believe the last thing I made for Ro was (drum roll) potholders. Woo wee, calm it down, Bianca! So, this year, I am making her a throw blanket. It's already in the works. I made up my mind and I will finish! I am putting it down for all to see and giving myself a real deadline! This will happen!
I think everyone will get a throw for their birthdays this year, because Ginan and Rick-in-law are the only ones who have one from me so far. So that leaves Ro, Christy, and Leety. And it just so happens that their birthdays are quite well spaced! Excellent. I'm already planning Christy's, as I'll probably have to overlap hers and Ro's. See how good I am at planning ahead when I want to be?? So, sorry girls, but I guess the jig is up. I can't keep these secrets any longer.
Ro's is this really cool variation on a shell pattern. I got the pattern verbally from a woman who sells her own crocheted things in a little shop next the the tea room Mama and I love. I hope I'm remembering it correctly! If not, then I guess it's my own variation! Ha ha! She had done it for a prayer shawl which was lovely, and a few scarves. I didn't like the scarves as much because I feel like the pattern is best for bigger projects. So it's actually perfect, I think, for a throw blanket. I'm about 5 inches in already, woo! =)
Christy's I'm thinking about doing a zig-zag pattern, but not obnoxious zig-zag. Sophisticated zig-zag. And I'm not going to reveal colors. That is one thing that will be kept under wraps. Then it's still a surprise in some way!
Ginan's birthday is Monday, and Husband and I are going to visit for the weekend. That's what the two new skeins of yarn were for. I saw them in the store (on sale, no less!) and they just had Ginan written all over them! I'm very proud to say that her birthday present is all finished and ready to be opened and enjoyed! It's a tea cozy, of course. =P
So that is all that's happening in the world of knittery right now. I'm sure my frustration with the throws will be coming very, very soon. I love the beginning stages when it's all excitement! =)

lots of love,


  1. I feel your pain with the throws, I have been putting off a shawl for awhile now but broke down this morning and started. The lace yarn is so small compared to the chunky that I am used to using so Daniel fixed my magnify light and set it up so I can see the small stitches!! I have a great group online that shares all types of patterns this one is Feather and Fan, hope to finish for a friends b'day. Take care, keep up with the throws!!

  2. See, you're REALLY in the throws, I'm just taking baby steps! My crochet needle must be a size X or Y, it's enormous, ha ha! It does make for a very cushy blanket, though. I'm actually enjoying it far more than I thought I would.