Monday, October 17, 2011

Mysterious Apartment Sounds

We've joined the ranks of the Marrieds.
We love it. =)

All one (plus) week of married life has been fantastic, though not without a few bumps. I bet if Husband (=D) were married to himself, things would be a lot less stressful and there would be less freak-outs, but for some reason he chose me to be married to. I do love married life (all one (plus) week of it...) but must admit, some things I've been totally taken off guard by. Like how different it is to go from never being alone together to being alone together all the time. Take last night, for instance. For one reason or another, Husband and I (pre-marriage) never saw each other on Sunday nights. I found myself next to him on the couch, flipping through the channels, and realizing that I usually watch back-to-back Bridezillas or some other equally girly TV choice on Sunday nights. And suddenly, I put together how weird it feels to be cuddling on the couch on a Sunday night, not watching Bridezillas. I start to think, shouldn't we be more exciting than watching TV?? Shouldn't we be, I dunno, going out or decorating or having some fantastic gourmet meal we've created together in our cozy kitchen? Because every married couple cooks gourmet together. And does something entertaining all the time.
But, no, being married didn't just automatically our preferences. If we both enjoyed watching a movie more than going out on the town before, we still enjoy it more now. Except when I ruin the enjoyment by freaking out at how much we're enjoying being "boring", as I believe I put it. I won't lie, I may be high maintenance emotionally, but when it comes to other things, I'm very simple. Give me a good book, or a movie. Knitting. Cooking. I guess the hardest part was/is realizing that I'M a little boring. Oh well. But then, of course, this morning, when Husband goes to work and I stay home til my lessons later this afternoon, I realize how much I miss him. Just being around him for the last week (plus) has spoiled me.
That, and the fact that I'm in an apartment that I've only lived in for, oh what is it... three days? When he left this morning, he came in to give me a kiss and tell me he put the dishes through (total "awww!" factor). In my semi-conscious state I "mmhmm"-ed my acknowledgement. But then, I kept hearing this weird noise as I'm trying to get back to sleep. A kind of bump...bump...bump... -long pause- bump. Swishing-ish bumpy noise. I'm going through all of the worst case scenarios through my head when I realize it's the dishwasher. Duh. And now I'm doing laundry and keep getting weirded out by the spin cycle. Or the sound of cars passing outside since we're in an apartment complex, not a neighborhood. Adjustments to new life, all.
First dinner in the apartment was an almost success. I realized as I opened the bag of freezer-burned corn, that Taco Soup without corn is pretty much just weird chili. Thankfully, the bread I made with my new awesome breadmaker was fantastic. Since I married a bread loving man, this was a big win. I don't even think he noticed the weird chili. =) I got very excited opening my fancy new appliances, because they came with cookbooks! Of which I only had one previously. So now I have three. Three baby cookbooks. I'd really love something huge and substantial that weighs like 5 lbs to carry around the kitchen with me. But baby cookbooks fit into our storage plan MUCH better, so I'm happy. =) I've also gotten a few cookbooks on my Kindle, for free, so this really works. Hurray!
We received adorable "Mr. & Mrs." traveling mugs as a wedding gift and took them with us to church yesterday (gag if you must, but we are proud of our newlywed status!). However, they seem to be regular ceramic containers, not double walled as I assumed. We realized this as we kinda burned our hands taking them out to the car with our hot, fresh coffee/tea. I grabbed myself a little contraption that I knit which I call a Mug Sweater, but didn't bring one for Husband because the choices were pink, purple, and more purple. He looked so disappointed when he didn't have one! So, I'm in the process of knitting him a Man Mug Sweater in a lovely - I mean, so manly! - doe brown. It's soft, too. =) I'm gonna have to figure out a way to stitch in "Mr." because it would cover the print of the mug up... then I can make myself another girly one with the excuse of adding the "Mrs." =)
Shame from Husband over not reading anything new lately. He even said, "You're reading The Hunger Games? Again? How many times is that, fifty??". HE read TWO new books that he got in the airport on our way to the Bahamas, but in my defense, both of them were referred to him by me. I hadn't started them yet but thought he'd enjoy. So now he's finished with them and I still haven't started yet. Shame, shame on me... but I'll catch up.

Thanks to everyone for your support through my wedding planning and I hope you enjoy my wedded blogs! They will most likely contain things that actually have to do with tea, knitting, and cozy things now that wedding planning is over! =)

Love to all,

The Mrs.

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  1. First off, welcome to The Marrieds! Haha, that is hilarious!
    Secondly, we watch tv together all the time. It's cozy. We love it. :)
    Thirdly, the best thing about "messing up" a recipe/dinner, is that the next time you make it, he'll be like, "Whoa, this is awesome, you're an even better cook than last time!" He won't remember the freezer-burner corn fiasco. :)
    Lastly, I love you and can't wait to see all the rest of your married blogs from now on. You are wonderful! :)