Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm not kidding with this...

It is my last blog as a single woman.
Even using the word "woman" is a little weird to me. I almost said single girl, but if I'm about to get married, I suppose I've reached womanhood. Strange!
The day is alarmingly close and I am alarmingly calm. At this point. =P Things are in place, wrinkles in plans have been smoothed out, and I was given some very great advise lately, at my bachelorette party actually, about the details. I was talking about how I'm afraid that I'm gonna let something fall through the cracks, and I got about four responses of "Let it fall!", all from my married friends! Anything that hasn't been dealt with by now obviously isn't that important. Phew! It has really helped mellow me out. I'm ready to get this show on the road now!
The most stressful part of the last two weeks has been packing and moving. Is there anything I hate more in this life than packing? Mmmm... Nothing comes to mind at the moment. Hate packing. Love Fiance. Eye on the prize - gotta get it done!
I've read various books lately, but when I picked out "The Hunger Games" today, it made me so happy. I've definitely read it more than four times, so it should not make me so excited to read it again, but it just does! Such adventure, such suspense! And Peeta reminds me, in a lot of ways, of my own dear Fiance. What's not to love?! Plus, I need something to divert my attention when flying, so it'll be good for the honeymoon flight. No more excuses. A girl can love a book. Excuse me, a woman can love a book.
I'd hoped to have more to say for my last single blog, but for sone reason I can't seem to focus. Mysterious, I know. I'll be back after the wedding and honeymoon. =D Hurray! Excitement!


Miss Bianca (has to use Miss for the last time!)

P.S. Do not watch Fiddler on the Roof, Little Women, or Funny Girl before the wedding. Raising that kind of emotion is just not worth it!

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