Friday, January 20, 2012

Adventures of the Newly Wed

Husband has a PlayStation2. He found out a few weeks ago that they won't be making games for that unit anymore, so when we passed by GameStop and went in, we noticed that all the PS2 games are on super sale. So we got a few games for 2 and 3 dollars a piece. One of them was the Sims 2. We've been playing together, and I noticed (as anyone will when they play the Sims) that every minute of their world is only a second in real time.


I feel as though I've suddenly become part of an experiment in time warping. There does not seem to be enough hours in the day or days in the week to see everyone and do everything I want to do! Some of this has to do with holding 2 jobs, which will only last til the end of the month. But, as I'm so wisely learning vicariously through my sister who recently cut her working hours, those hours fill up really quickly too if you don't set them aside. The stack of laundry to be done is... I can't even describe it. =P Dishes in the sink, food to be cooked, laundry to fold, groceries to buy... My dad would say, "Welcome to REAL life". And of course, he's right.

The only lamentable thing is that all of these mundane chores take away from time spent with the people you love. No wonder parents assign them to kids once they're old enough, I'm gonna! I used to have spare time to do things I really liked doing, thanks to living at home. And I still find time to do those things, it's just split between things I really like doing and things I HAVE to do in order to function. I'm actually making sure those things don't rob my joy with life lately. And even on my busiest week of working maybe ever, I've found bits and pieces of fun time.

Was introduced to a wonderful series called The Luxe by my Friend E. It's set in the Victorian age in New York and follows a group of high society young ladies and gents. It's totally a "girly" series, but it is full of intrigue and adventure and just the right amount of suspense mixed in with all the romance. A few twists and turns along the way. In short, every element I love in a good book. There are 4 in the series, and for THAT I could kill Friend E, but thankfully I got an Amazon gift card at Christmas, so the series was my gift to myself. Does anyone write single books anymore?

Speaking of writing books, I'd like everyone to know that I have been writing a novel for a very long time. I want everyone to know this so that people will ask me how it's going. So that I can actually finish it. And maybe send it out to publishers. It's quite a good book (I know I'm biased) but even Husband has suggested that I finish it. So there. It's out. I'm a writer.

I've also been perfecting a pattern for tea cozies that is my own. My mama got very excited about this when I told her. As previously mentioned, she loves to be my guinea pig for knitted things. I think I shall make a gift for her birthday that is tea-themed. I can never go wrong with Mama and Ginan in making them tea themed things. I'm taking her to a precious little gem of a tea shop in a quaint historic town for her birthday celebration. Last year we took each other for our birthdays because they're so close together, and I looked forward to any time we can make an excuse to go. It's so nice. =)

My cup of tea is almost finished and it's time for me to get all ready for one of my jobs. I hope you've all missed me and am glad I'm back. I'm glad to be back. =) Cheers to the weekend!

lots of love,


  1. I deeply relate to almost ALL of the above! Don't worry, I remind myself daily that things get easier the more you do them, and soon the new things that seemed to monumentally hard become routine! :)

    p.s. I can be a guinea pig.

  2. I knew you had many talents!! Would love to read your book when it's done!!!! I am also a knitter, (a beginning one) but since I've retired it is becoming a major part of my life! I've signed up for several classes on Craftsy so I'm learning quite a lot! Glad you are back to blogging, glad I saw your facebook post! Take care, if you are ever in the GA mountains give us a call!!! (Helen, GA is a very cool place to weekend!!) Hugs, Marianne (Daniel's Mom)