Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Impulse Buys That You Have to Finance...

are not a good idea.
I have to repeat this to myself as some kind of mantra because everyone is trying to sell me things lately, and I've discovered that if they use words like "quality" or "investment", I'm hooked. Was nearly sucked into a Cutco demonstration. A friend recommended to her friend that he call so I could hear his speech. No harm, right? No commitment intended, just helping a guy get started with his resume. WRONG. I got so interested in these quality knives that I almost, almost made a very bad financial decision and put a whole slew of investment on my credit card. Thankfully, I was with the Fiance who is a little more down-to-earth than I am at these crucial moments. I was also recently contacted from a sweepstakes that I had entered online that we had "won" and would we come down to collect our prizes? Of course! Ran smack into the middle of an amazing pots-and-pans demonstration that I, all of a sudden, HAD TO HAVE! (plus all of the free stuff they throw in if you order today!) Again, thankfully, I was not alone and the Fiance was there to level my head. We got our free stuff, which was why we went in the first place. I think all of this stems from my deep and abiding love for infomercials... I had to remind myself (and be reminded) that we had already registered for pots and pans AND knives, so please, somebody, save me from overspending!
My first bridal shower is coming up at the end of the month and I am so excited! The family-in-law is throwing it, so me and Fiance will be traveling up to PA to enjoy. Everything is moving so quickly now that I almost can't believe it. I remember telling myself when we had first gotten engaged, kinda walking through the landmarks in the engagement period, that when it was the summer, then the wedding was REALLY close. Well, friends, it is the summer. And according to Bianca of November '10, that means the wedding is REALLY close. According to Bianca of June '11, there's still PLENTY of time, LOADS of it!! ...but I also realize that I'm slightly delusional in my present state...
Shame and remorse. Ro's birthday passed. She was even here after it. And I have not finished her gift yet. I can't believe I've let this happen. I've been so good with my deadlines!! I won't let this get me down to the point where I'm all, "well, it's already been this long... I might as well just leave it there..." I WILL finish! I WILL! I am determined. Ro is one of the sisters who loves my handmade gifts the most, how could I let her down?? I'm so ashamed, but I will prevail. It will be with Ro soon.
Here's a sad story with a happy ending: I left my Kindle on the plane when Fiance and I went to PA for the wedding. -sob- We went through all the hoops to make sure if it was found it couldn't be hacked and all my stuff stolen from it as well as the information to get it back to me. But nobody, least of all me, was expecting it to turn up. On the day that I had decided I was going to order myself another one (not having heard anything in almost 2 weeks), I got an email. A glorious email from Amazon entitled: Your lost Kindle has been found. Hurray! I got it in the mail last week and I feel like I never want to put it down again! It's part of me now... okay, that's a little creepy, but I'm very happy to have it home. =) And thank you, to that kind and honest soul who must've turned it into the airline lost and found. I am eternally gratefuly to you!

with much love,

p.s. If you've been thinking about reading the book "Chocolat", DON'T. Watch the movie instead.

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  1. When you write your book, can you put me in the acknowledgements for "most supportive sister who wanted you to write a book someday?" I love your style and even the silliest stories come delightfully alive with your tongue-in-cheek ways of phrasing and punctuating and all that fun stuff. :) Love you so much, My Binoche!

    p.s. Thanks for the tip on Chocolat... I would have thought the book would be delightful, but I guess the movie did a better job.