Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time must have wings these days...

I feel very dishonest with a blog named "A cup of tea with my knitting, please". I think it should be renamed "A cup of planning with my wedding, please..." for right now. =P
I have not abandoned you, my faithful readers! The fact that I have missed several months of blogging is absurd to me. Surely, it has only been a week or so since my last entry?? With the wedding coming, and we are now in the double digits (finally!), weeks seem to pass like days to me. I think of something to do and before I know it, it's two weeks later and I'm overdue! But, thankfully, because I tend to plan ahead, I am still on time for most of my lists.
I had a wonderful, lovely shower with my soon-to-be in-laws (aka Fiance's family) and we got so much loot for our new life together! Never have I appreciated the concept of wedding gifts and showers more. Until it was me, it's always been, yeah, of COURSE you get a gift for so-and-so's wedding/shower. Duh! But now that I've been through it, I feel so deeply thankful for these gifts. The fact that you put out a list of things you need or want for your new life as a married couple and people actually buy things for you, to help you out, is so amazing! I feel so blessed with our gifts and I am thankful for each and every one, and for the family who has gifted them to us. There is so much love. =)
I'm also getting very excited for the shower that is coming up, in my hometown. I just got off the phone with my Ro sister, who is in full invitation mode! I was telling her, it's kinda weird for me because up till now, I've been the one doing all the planning and getting information together and making sure things happen. With showers, all I do is get some names and addresses and show up!! How fun! =D It is also going to be a very, shall I say, "me" shower. My sisters (who double as bridesmaids and matron of honor) are throwing it and I must say, (though I know little of the details) they have got the nail on the head. I love when family shows that they know you in those little ways. Makes me feel all kinds of special. =)
I believe the countdown is now in the 70's. I feel like we JUST broke 100, and all of a sudden it's in the 70's already. I am so excited and ready! I had my little moments earlier on, and I won't lie, things do come up that I think, are we really ready for this? But, I know we are. Or are as ready as anyone ever is for marriage. =P We will be starting pre-marital counciling in a week or so, so that should be a good set-up for some interesting conversation topics! Thankfully, communication is one thing that me and the Fiance are pretty good at. We communicate so good sometimes we get real loud and right up close to each other, in the face, like. =P I don't mind that we argue, I think it's good. We always resolve and most of the time, realize it's not worth arguing over anyway. Plus, I'm usually the instigator... who knew that when uptight meets laid back, the uptight one would start all the stuff?? It's a mystery! =P
I am a serial repeater. If I read a book I love, I go back to it over and over. Same with music and movies. I have movies that are my "cozy, fall-asleep-to" movies that I pretty much know line-for-line, and music that is so familiar to me it makes me feel content just hearing it. I love that I'm marrying someone who uses the word "cozy" when he talks about what it'll be like in our apartment after we're married. I love that he knows what I do to the place I live in, whether it be a college dorm, apartment or a house: I cozy it up! Me and all my sisters seem to posess this talent. It's something I hope to pass along one day (one day far, far, FAR in the future, don't get any ideas). So, no new books lately. With all the hustle and bustle, I've been reverting to my cozy books.
Since I got a smartphone (oh yeah baby!) I tend to do things on it, not the computer. But there are some things that just cannot be done on a 2x4 screen, imagine that, and this is one of them. I shall try my best to post again before the wedding, but I make no promises! =)

Lots of love,

p.s. To all of you awaiting knitting and crocheting posts, I will try to deliver, soon. I am also contemplating a page on Etsy so I can show you all of my lovely knitted and crocheted things... we shal see. =)

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