Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shamed by a Blogging Sister, and other tales

It has been awhile and there is really no good excuse. Sure, I've gotten a lot of headway in the wedding plans. Yes, I've been working. Of course, I have a social life. But nothing really worth staying away for so long... nothing truly all-consuming.

NOT like this time last year. I cannot believe I have been a college graduate for a year now. I was just telling someone the other day (...or this morning?) that I feel like I've been on vacation for the past year. And just to recap, this last year has not been idle: secured 2 jobs, snagged an outrageously handsome man, began/continue wedding plans, got in an accident, got a new car... not to mention all the birthdays and holidays. But is all of this, though I may be continually busy (which I much prefer), even a FRACTION of a comparison to the amazing stress I achieved in education? NO. The answer is no. I devoted every thought and action to completing my degree. I was totally one-track and it really did consume me. Every time I think of it, I'm glad I took this time to NOT go to grad school. I just don't it's for me... at least not at the moment.

My sister Ro, however, SHAMES me with her continuous blog posts. Oh, I'm a college grad... and I have my Masters... and by the way, I'm in school CONTINUOUSLY because I'm a professor... and I blog all the time... and I'm awesome. (She doesn't say all of that, that's me being sarcastic.) More power to you, Ro. I admire your gluttony for the punishment that I call formal education. But, admittedly, all her students adore her and if I'd had a teacher (I say teacher because my college profs were pretty cool) like her, I probably would've enjoyed things more. As she's the next birthday, maybe I'll knit her a blog sweater. Probably not. =P

Wedding plans proceed smoothly. The time is passing all too quickly now and I can't believe how close it all is. Not that I'm complaining; I can't wait! I thought a nearly year-long engagement would move slower than cement uphill, but have been surprised at it's swift approach, praise God in heaven!

I overcame a petty struggle with myself over its recent spotlight and read "Water for Elephants". I thought it was fantastic; definitely one I'll read again. I realized lately that I tend to be a "seasonal" reader. At certain times of the year, I crave certain books, so by now I've read them every year for about 5 years or longer. I'm trying to expand my horizons now that reading is so accessable (thank you, dear Kindle!), but I still find myself gravitating towards those oh-so-cozy seasonal books. They are like old friends to me that I visit each year for a needed vacation. I've added a few to my list in the last year: The Hunger Games, the Anne of... series, the Maya Davis novels, and I think I can safely put Water for Elephants up there, too. I'm interested as to how they're going to trasnlate this vivid, detailed, and descriptive book to film. I hope they do it justice.

I think I stayed away till now because I was expecting of myself to have this fantastic, deep, intelectual comeback of a blog since it's been so long. I'm truly sorry if you were, too. =P

More to come and hopefully soon,


  1. I love you and your awesomeness, B :) Your blog makes me happy :)

    I've got WfE on my summer reading list -- do you have the hard copy or a kindle copy? Because I'm so glad to hear you loved it! I've had it recommended to me several times but the movie coming out has brought those recommendations front and center, haha :)

    And for my birthday, I would like anything your purdy hands made, my dear!

    Gosh. I wrote an epistle-length comment! Sorry :) Haha

  2. I got it on my Kindle, and it was on sale! $4.18! It was a steal - I read it at every possible moment. If I'd had the oportunity, I would not have put it down. Look on Amazon if you're thinking of buying it. I definitely do not think you'll regret the purchase =)