Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Pollen...

If you were a person, you would be just about the only person for whom I would willingly go to jail for murder. My new car sits just beyond the grasp of your minion, Huge Pine Tree, who has rained down your icky-ness upon its pristine exterior. I, unknowing of your abrupt appearance, had kept my windows down, and lo! the icky-ness has crept to the inside of my new car as well! I have been meaning to speak to you about your rude visiting at the same time every year. You know I am never prepared for your baggage. I cannot even use the excuse of illness, as you happen to bring that with you upon my innocent sinuses. Were you kinder to me and my house, I might have invited you lovingly in. However, you continue to misbehave and be a general nuisance. Since nothing else has worked thus far, I can only vent you this frustrated missive. As it has done no good in the past on your character, I can expect no less this year. Know only this: IF you were a person... I would sincerely and heartily kill you. My condolences, Bianca.

p.s. no hard feelings.

1 comment:

  1. My only comment is: I leave my windows closed NOT because of the annoying pollen (which is awful, I completely agree), but because THIS is ALSO the time of year when my 8-legged mortal enemies begin making their appearance. AGAIN. Sometimes I wish and dream that perhaps one year all of the eggs and hibernating creatures of the year before would be wiped out. Utterly and Completely. So... yes. Spring is beautiful. The side dishes are NOT. :)