Friday, January 7, 2011

Knitting incognito

Continuing with current birthday project, under an alias. As I still live with said birthday girl (my mama), I am pretending to amass knitted things for my future home with husband. So far, a success. I can knit in the open with no fear of discovery!

Speaking of "husband", the future one and I had one of those semi-scary and "wow, this is where it starts!" conversations about our living arrangement once we're married. Currently, he's living in a 1-bedroom apartment which is great for him, but wanted to renew his contract for another year... which means I would also be living in this 1-bedroom apartment... with all of my yarn... I don't think he realized the gravity of that situation.

It's amazing to me how much yarn is collected and actually USED for various projects over time. I can't bring myself to get rid of any of it because every shade of green or blue or red is not created equal! I need them all! Factor in various yarn weights and textures and you might as well forget the whole thing. Which is why I have currently 2 bags of yarn, one under-the-bed storage unit full, and one shelf full. I have to admit to being slightly ashamed... fortunately the only other living being dealing with this hoard is Mad-Eye, my fish, and since none of it winds up in his water, he doesn't seem to mind. Yet.

I'll end on a non-knitting, non-yarn note of coziness. Today while browsing free books on my Kindle (an EXCELLENT source for reading and knitting at the same time: No pages lost, no book to hold... amazing), I came across one titled "The Unofficial Harry Potter Christmas Cookbook". I immediately grabbed it up, of course. I'd seen "The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook", non-Christmas edition and was delighted that someone had taken all those amazing English dishes from the book and told me, stupid American that I am, what they actually were, AND how to make them! And now I have "Christmas" for all time. Get ready for the Yorkshire Pudding!!

Lots of love, -b


  1. Hahahaha :) Your yarn = my books. Husbands gotta re-cko-nize the importance of always always always having a place for The Essentials. I love this blog, B. Your writing makes me happy :) Does Mad-eye miss me?

  2. Yorkshire Pudding is AMAZING!! Also known to Americans as "The Big Crispy Pancake." :) When I first had this delightful dish in England, I was amazed and addicted, and then completely disappointed to find that it simply DOES NOT exist State-side. :( Let me know how the experiment goes!

  3. Mad-Eye does miss you; I have a feeling I'm a little more stingy with my feedings than guests =P

    And Gianna, I'm regret to inform that Yorkshire Pudding was not included in the cookbook as I hoped it might be. Sad day. However, I will continue my quest to finding a decent online recipe!