Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My hands have regained feeling...

I can't believe I actually got my gifts finished this year for Christmas. SERIOUSLY. I'm sure I've said that every year, but I was actually finishing the gift for my fiance Christmas morning... while everyone else opened presents. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's reactions without distraction, though! It was a wonderful Christmas. =) I broke down and bought gifts for my mom and dad (slight fail =/), but everyone else's were made. Here's the breakdown:

1 lace knit scarf in Vanna's Choice blue (GORGEOUS and I made it a button-front scarf, a style I adore)
1 pink knit slouchy hat (in a pattern I put together of various elements I enjoy from other hats)
1 crocheted throw (present for sister and brother-in-law -- the source of my near-crippled finger joints =P)
1 granny square crocheted stocking (classic, square toes and all)
1 knit tea cozy (in a pattern I created! Woo! An original made the cut!)

I wish I had pictures of them all to post! I really should get on that... I was so pleased with the turn-out though.

I gave my hands a short break and am starting on my mom's birthday gifts. I've already had to rip out and backtrack, so I'm thinking it'll be a pretty good one. =P Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Yay, I love your blog, Binoche! So cozy, and your gifts WERE amazing this year! I am already enjoying the lap blanket, and so is Rebekah, lol. :) Love you so much, and I can feel the love in EVERY stitch! (stitch? is that right for crochet-ing?)

  2. My beautiful lace knit scarf is magnificent -- you are a genius of gorgeous-ness :) And now I've found your blog!! I read all of your posts and now I will be happily keeping up with your creative genius. love you!

  3. Yay! So glad! Love you both! =)