Thursday, April 5, 2012

The bag of wonders!

I finished my fantastic purse and I'm in love! I found the pattern for free on It's called "mermaid tears purse".
The body was made with yarn Ginan and Rick-in-law got me for a birthday present from a trip to Ashville. How thoughtful! And what better way to put it in use?
I love this purse! The pattern was a beast to get into, but it goes smoothly once you get the hang of it. I love the staggered leaf-like effect. It would be so easy to make a different purse for every season just by changing the colors. This one is obviously for summer! I'm a little odd when it comes to color combinations, so I love the bright pop of color from the crocheted bloom. I made another sample in more muted colors (dusky pink body with a neutral brown top and straps) but still went bold with a mustard colored bloom that looks like a breathtaking chrysanthemum. I followed the original pattern for the straps on that one, but for this one, I went for ribbon straps. I happened to have ribbon the exact color of the yarn I used for the top and I love the way it turned out. It's a little tough to photograph, though. =)
Now, I'm working on some baby things for a couple in our small group at church who are expecting their first. I've almost finished a darling cotton bib and will probably make a couple or few; they're an easy and quick project! Next will come booties. They know it's a girl, so that will be fun for colors. I think I'll make some hand rags to go with the bibs for a whole, keep-it-clean-at-meal-times ensemble. I like to make things that work together for gifts. =)
Speaking of gifts, sister gifts for birthdays are coming along well. I'm a little iffy on the colors for Ro's. I wanted them to be uniform but ran out of certain shades of colors, so now it's very unique. Ha ha!
I am getting into new patterns so much! Since making the bag, I feel like I'm addicted to trying new patterns. I mean, if I can make the mermaid purse turn out the first time, I feel invincible to any new project's complicatedness!
Too bad I can't think of anything knit/crochet that Husband would want/need since his birthday is coming up... Men are difficult to make or buy gifts for! I'll think of something. I'd also like to make Hermione something to welcome her into the family and make her feel awesome. I did make her a little mouse toy with a loooooong tail that she loves. Perhaps a collar, now? Another toy? Decisions...
This Sunday is not only Easter, but marks our 6th month of married life. We're halfway through our first year, can you believe it? =) I can't imagine how it'll be when it's been 6 YEARS together - and that's not even that long of a time, comparative to the rest of our lives. How exciting, this journey. =)

Lots of love (and feedback always welcome)


  1. You should start an Etsy store.

  2. Your talent fabulationizes me. That's a combination of "fabulous" and "amazes," in case you didn't recognize :) You're so gifted, baby sis. Sooooo gifted.

  3. WOW!! This is beautiful!! I agree with Ro, you are amabulous (that's amazing and fabulous combined, hee hee)! Listen, when we get preggers, can you start making awesome things for OUR baby? In multiples so when the first one gets messy I have backups? :)

  4. THANKS so much, y'all!
    And Gian, don't worry. I've got you covered.