Friday, September 7, 2012

Catching Up and Whatnot

Hello, faithful readers!

It's been a while... I've had a busy summer and am so looking forward to fall!  It seems we've been out and about most weekends and that makes time go very quickly!  Thankfully, we've gotten some great time with family and friends, and a lot of time in the car (which is great for us!). Long stretches of time together with no interruptions are the stuff of dreams.  We find tons of ways to enjoy those car rides, first of which is just being together.  We're visiting more friends this weekend (5 hour car ride, yessss!) and next weekend we're going apple picking with The Sisters (and Rick-In-Law!). 

Apple picking... apple donuts... apple cider... apple slushie... caramel apple... apples are a wonder.

Mama taught me how to make preserves this summer, woo!  I made a batch of peach with her and am really, really looking forward to making and canning apple butter from our bountiful harvest next weekend.  Cinnamony goodness all locked up in a jar.  Delish.

Etsy store not so good.  I feel like I'd be better off just posting things here and whoever wanted one could just email me.  Hey, that's not such a bad idea...

Also, I'm addicted to Pinterest.  I want to try everything I find there. 

In other news, BABIES.  Ginan and Rick-In-Law are pregnant!  I even taught myself how to knit with DPN's for the occasion! (That's double-pointed needles for all you non-knitters out there ;) I'm making them all kinds of goodies, and since we don't know the gender (yet!) it's all in lovely, soft neutral colors.  Plus, that way they can use it for other babies.  Because there will be more.  There better be... ::glare::

So, I'll try posting more pictures of my projects here and we'll see how it goes.  Mostly, I'm just loving learning so many different techniques and patterns and making up my own stuff.  It's great fun. =)

Lots of love, and I promise not to stay away for that long again,

p.s. new tattoo ideas abound.  I am a living canvas.

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  1. YAY!!! Post pictures of the goodies! I promise there will be more babies if you post pics! :)