Thursday, May 13, 2010

Auntie's Knits

It's my first post! Excitement!

I had a dear aunt (GREAT aunt, actually!) who made amazing knit and crochet EVERYTHING for us. This woman was Ms. Crafty. We're talking rugs, blankets, afghans, baby clothes, potholders, cable sweaters, so much more. She did it all.

When I was 13, she was awesome enough to teach me how to knit. Just the basics, purling, knitting, ect. When she passed away several years ago, I inherited her needle collection, which is so special to me. Turns out she tried to teach a few cousins to knit, too, and I was the only one who caught on to it. And I LOVE it!

Last year, I embraced my poor-college-kid self and knit/crochet ALL my Christmas presents. 4 siblings, 3 in-laws, 2 parents, 1 niece. PHEW! What a lesson in perseverence!

So, now, I am excited to pass on some awesome Auntie (and Bianca) original patterns, as well as any that I pick up that would be equally awesome to share. Enjoy, my fellow knitters, enjoy! =)

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